Western Pain 
Medicine Program - Postgraduate Medical Education

The St Joseph's Health Care Chronic Pain Clinic provides a one-block rotation for all residents in the Western Anesthesiology Training Program and two blocks for all residents in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Program. These are mandatory residency requirements.

Depending on availability, we also offer electives of 2-4 weeks for a resident of any other program at Western University. By special arrangement we can offer electives to residents at other medical schools.

For more information, please contact Dr. Katherine Ower at London Health Sciences Centre. If you would like to arrange an elective, prepare to be flexible, and suggest two or three alternatives for the time period you would like to come. You will be asked to draw up a short list of objectives if you are not in the Anesthesiology or Physiatry Programs, which have objectives already prepared.

Geoff Bellingham
  • Geoff Bellingham MD